Why would you involve Office Management Services in your business?

You can focus on your core business and rest assured that your administration is in good hands!

That's the famous oneliner. But maybe you just recognize (one of) the below situations

You need support

  • You need structural and/or creative solutions for your administration?
  • Papers and files are piling up and need to be filed?
  • Your voicemail is almost full? Your phone is not being answered anymore?
  • Faxes, mails and post remain unread followed by numerous reminders?
  • Clients are not paying in time, or worse, not at all, and need to be chased?

Document drafting

  • Your documents need a lay-out and have to be sent out?
  • Reach out to people in their own language, but you're not sure (French, English, German)?
  • That big report is ready, but it has to be faultless?
  • You are in your car? You don't like to type? Dictate it, mail it and we transcribe it for you!

You want to start your own company

  • What now? How to organise it all, which documents do you need, which authorities to contact?
  • What will the accountant need? What info needs to go to the HR office?
  • Will I work alone or do I need people on my payroll and how to do that?

Your employee is absent

  • Your employee is not in, but reception, telephone and mail needs to be handled?
  • Purchase invoices have to paid; sales invoices drafted and sent out?
  • Your files are piling up and filing needs to be done on daily basis?

And why would you hire us again?

  • We offer tailor made service!
  • Correct rates according to the content of the assigment!
  • Motivated and flexible!
  • Personal and professional!
  • Efficient and hands-on approach!