In which domains can Office Management Services support your business?

Office Management Services supports you and your business in managing or assisting in the general administration from A to Z,but specialises in two major domains: legal assistant & transcription work.

There are also a series of very specific activities, that are becoming more and more standard in the operational processes, in which we can help you. The workload of these tasks is commonly underestimated. Your general office management, or even some separately defined task, can easily be outsourced to an external management assistant. We can take these on from our own offices or on site in your company.

More info is to be found below. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions; we would love to work out your personally defined support formula!

Legal assistance and administrative support for lawyers and law offices.
First line contact with the clients | File Management | Filing and archiving | Transcription of letters and official legal documents. All in a discrete and confidential environment.

A lawyer's business day can be very hectic: running from the office to court, back to the office or to a client appointment. Meetings, drafting advices and a timely delivery of conclusions.
Being a partner or a lawyer in law office, very often also means organising and taking part in internal meetings.
If the time can be found to finally do some administration or typework, mostly this will be after 6pm, as soon as the telephone (maybe) stops ringing. A lot of laywers also prefer to dictate rather than write themselves, because of several practical advantages.
Office Management Services is familiar with the work and the ways in legal environments and can support you and/or your office when work is piling up.
After all, sometimes it just already should have been finished yèsterday. We work flexibly and on call-off. Contact us for more information.

Transcription (& transliteration)
Customer satisfaction interviews | HR interviews | Topographical surveys | Reports...
Transcription in the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form.
Transliteration is the conversion of a text from one script to another
[Source: Wikipedia]

Transcription work can be done on 2 different levels. Depending on the goal and after your consideration the recordings can be written out literally and/or verbatim.
The work will be delivered faultless and within a predefined lay-out and structure and -when desired- detailed timestamps are mentioned.
In case of a verbatim transcription the conversation, interview or monologue will be written out almost litterally; however non-structured and wrong sentences will be corrected and non-relevant words or expressions, like 'eh, fillers/stopgaps, slips of the tongue, repetitions and dead-end sentences, will be left out. Otherwise, where people use verbal language, like in interviews, the text would become quite illegibel. This is the most common format. It is in fact a written reproduction of the text as the speakers have intended it and therefore it meets the demands of quoting correctly.
In case of a literal transcription the sound file is written out exactly as the speakers said it. Not only will each word [including fillers/stopgaps, repetitions, stuttering, interruptions and dead-end sentences] be taken up, also moments of silence, exclamations and phone rings will be mentioned in the transcript. Sometimes this is important, eg. in court or when subtitling and translating. In all other situations, verbatim transcription is recommended, because otherwise the text would become unreadable.

Drafting meeting minutes

Accompany you to meetings and taking the minutes, for reporting internally and/or externally.

Document lay-out and proofread

Provide documents with a lay-out (Word / Excel) | Transliteration of harcopy documents | Drafting a PowerPoint presentation | Proofreading texts as to lay out, language and clerical errors


Business translations of your documents, letters, reports,. Only from French, English or German to Dutch. We are not sworn translators.

Database management

Getting in or maintaining contact with your customers, suppliers, potential customers, members...) and update the database or doing input.

Agenda and meeting planner

Monitoring your phone (messages), mailbox or database and entering meetings in a (shared) agenda. We also take care of the complete administration (confirmation, follow up, rescheduling, etc.)

Social Media Feed

Create, start up, follow up and/or feed your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram account or page. We are no marketing office and are not strategic consultants. We only deliver the practical support.

Accounting support

Manage purchase and sales invoices (and input) | input of the financial statements | monitor incoming and outgoing payments | prepare the books for in-house or external accountant. We are not an accounting office!

Debt collecting

Your customers do not pay on time, or worse, not at all? We can follow up on your payment terms, contact the debtor by phone and/or in written and follow up on the reminders. When needed matters are transferred for legal actions.

Consulting and support

Evaluate your administration process or organisation, help with the startup of a company or service + guidance during recruitment processes and when transferring the administration internally.